About Karisa and Crystal

About Karisa



I’m an attorney working 9 to 5 (or more often 8 to 6) in Atlanta.  Somehow I log enough hours in the office to convince my boss to give me some time off to explore the world.   I caught the “travel bug” at an early age, but because law school is far from cheap, most of my travel has taken place since graduating with my J.D. in 2009.  I’ve traveled to a handful of countries, including Greece, South Africa, the Netherlands, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Belgium, Poland, UAE, India, Thailand, Egypt, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Austria, Spain, Portugal, the Caribbean, Peru, Mexico and Canada.


About Crystal:


Go Pack Go!

I’m a banker based out of Milwaukee Wisconsin; I work hard so I can play hard.  I’m fortunate enough to have the ability to take time off to travel and explore far off destinations.  And due to my stellar financial background, I’m also very good at planning memorable vacations on a budget.  I love a good deal and will keep looking until I find one.  I’m known among my friends and colleagues as their go-to travel expert!  I’m far from having seen it all or even a fraction of what is out there; but as time, money and my little dog Joey allows, I’m conquering the globe bit by bit.  Topping my ever changing list of must-sees are: Machu Picchu; Carnival in Rio; Bali; Nepal; the Northern Lights in Iceland; Croatia; Octoberfest in Munich; the Dead Sea; Gorilla trekking in Rwanda and Lijiang a small town in western China.

How we met:

Porto, Portugal

We met in 2001 while studying finance for our undergraduates in WI.  Although Karisa lives in Georgia and Crystal in WI, we make it a priority to travel together several times annually.

Acting silly in Barcelona.

Acting silly in Barcelona.



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